Chronic Illness and Disability

Chronic Illness is a thread throughout my work. I had a proactive existence for many years despite the extra barriers faced by people with disabilities, seen and unseen. In more recent years I seem to have accidentally added to my collection of largely invisible chronic conditions. An article titled ‘Two People and a Wheelchair User’ tackles some of the issues facing myself and many others. My aim was to do this head on but with humour and self-knowing. An (incomplete) list of particularly relevant work is below:

The Unanswerable

Once in Tranquil Calm


Absent I

When Light Hurts

I am


Struggles With Socks

Disposed To Be

To Thrive

Creatively Conserving Energy

I am Zebra

Do Say


Clay and Sparks


Thirsty Words

You Are Not Alone


Dark Matter

Laughing the Stars

Diagnosis 07/02/19


The Jade Quill

Cats’ Lives

Wild Forever


 48 Percent Life

To All I was Before 

 Inspiration Porn

 Tread Lightly


Mermaid up a Mountain


You can see archives at The Asthma Diaries including my usual blend of poems and ponderings. A collection of my more political poems sometimes touches directly upon bars to inclusion and access or limited rights. Conversely, my fantasy writing is a willful act of escape and re-imagining of reality, examining the world from the outside in. Most recently I’ve co-founded Nott Normal an accessible multi-discipline art project run by and for the people who need it most.