CHAPTER 5: Poggle, George & The Dragon

Originally posted on The Library of Lost Wands:
The Library of Lost Wands, Epic Potterverse Fanfiction set in 1919 by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch, Disclaimer Go to Index of Chapters The next day began in a subdued mood, but as The Eagle chugged out of Paris at 4 o’clock the grey dawn drew its first rays…

Real Fantasy

(post formally called ‘the magic touch’) I love magical realism, the unexplained sitting side by side with routine, reasoned reality.  Perhaps I love it because in truth reality rarely appears very reasonable. My fascination may in part be because that taste of magic fulfills in me a yearning for everyday enchantment, but not too much…

Dragon Thaw

The winter stretched like Ouroboran tail,

Thus, the rider sought the dragon

Iron Scale beneath her bridge

“we need your breath of fire

For life to prevail,”

The rider said.

One roar,


Magical Spaces Created by ART

  Hello, to the 1667 (across differents social media platforms) official followers of this blog. I’d thought I’d share some art I’ve been doing for another project. If you like it why not follow the link. via Ravenclaw Art

The Wyverns of King’s Cross Station

Finsterhuf and Zauberdorf by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch For those who like Harry Potter, fantasy, historic fiction, steampunk journeys, escapism or a read of a good free book, I’m proud to say that I’ve unleashed my not so inner child to write The Library of Lost Wands. The first chapter, plus a lot of art work…

Rainbow Warriors and the Tardis

I enjoyed the first episode’s introduction to the dark, humorous, twisty twelfth Doctor. Beyond the story well told with satisfactory quips and quirks, relationships and potential story arcs were set up. I look forward to watching these develop and even more to exploring my inner geek in predicting them. I found the second of this…

Sherlock: A.G.R.A and Clair De La Lune

In the last of my posts on popular fiction for a while I offer an exploration of Mary Morstan / Watson / AGRA. Soon it will be back to the poetry and interfaith / peace work. (At present doing the latter is enough and writing about it postponed) 14 January 2014 15:49 So Mary is…

Sherlocked: There is something about Mary …

Sherlocked: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary … (Read if you are a geek or Sherlocked 🙂 This is my second ‘nerdesk’ blog post in response to the story-weaving and word smithing in a very popular show. Hey, I’ve been poorly and this is my idea of brain exercise, OK? ) 17 December 2013 The game is…

Doctor Who: Who, Doctor?

It is late and I have the kind of schedule that lives me dreaming of having my own Tardis. Instead I am journeying into a library in the silence. Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of Dr Who you get ‘word’, ‘cohort’, ‘torchwood’? This is a sweet-shop for a word geek like me….