CHAPTER 5: Poggle, George & The Dragon

Zauberdof and Flinsterhuf by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch
Zauberdof and Flinsterhuf by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch; digital illustration for ‘The Library of Lost Wands’ fanfiction by the same author

Hi all, happy Halloween for those celebrating it:

This post links to one of the chapters of my fantasy fiction project; Library of Lost Wands. It’s chapter 5 of 6 chapters (plus a prologue and some illustration pages) so far. It’s a piece of fanfiction essentially, but not the racey kind! I’ve woven a few historical facts etc into the narrative. Set a century ago, in October 1919, at a time of massive changes a witch is making her way across Europe on a dangerous magical mission…

The book started off as an exercise in fiction writing, to see if I could muster or master the art of an epic story, but the characters are now arguing with me and have a life and will of their own.

I’m asking anyone who likes what they read to donate money or time direct to JK Rowling’s NGO, Lumos or another charity. I’ve given a few suggestions in a ‘Lumos Links’ section.

Take care, stay warm and if it’s dark light a lantern…

The Library of Lost Wands

The Library of Lost Wands,

Epic Potterverse Fanfiction set in 1919

by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch,


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The next day began in a subdued mood, but as The Eagle chugged out of Paris at 4 o’clock the grey dawn drew its first rays of hope in copper rimmed clouds. George was not dead. He had been attacked just yards from where Lindsay had been sitting, on the other side of the wood panelling of her cabin. Perhaps it was the person she had heard outside her door while listening in on Arnie Singh and his colleague discussing muggle peace agreements with the enigmatic Minister Moon. She’d assumed, from a pale reflection in her window, the scent of pipe smoke and sense of the sinister, that it had been Ebonine Filtch listening nearby in the shadows. But the attack on George had happened later, when everyone’s attention…

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