Site Policy and Philosophy

Hi all, below is the nuts and bolts stuff about how I work. To find out a little more about me click here.

  • Though this is a creative word and art blog, I am more than one thing; poet, creative philosopher, political ranter, fantasy art creator, inclusion warrior, eternal idealist, realist, and grouch. Therefore posts vary in form, aesthetic and content.
  • I have different blogs specializing in different things, e.g accessible arts, political poems, and fantasy. This is to limit confusion. I may occasionally reblog, reference and share posts from these satellite sites to mix things up a bit.
  • I like to play with different types of poetry and prose, stepping in and out of form. I step in and out of the beat in life too.
  • As a Brit, I tend to write with British English spelling rather than American English.
  • I will never use or permit others to use hate speech on any part of this blog or any other published (or unpublished) material. Those that follow my blog will no doubt already know, respect and share this sentiment.
  • I am happy for you to post links of your own poems, art or articles in comments if and when they are relevant to mine and as long as they fit my rule of no hate.
  • I use the language I feel fits the theme and form of each particular work. While I don’t want to offend anyone, this includes the right to (very rare) use of only the mildest swear word. It’s my voice, I’ve physically lost it before, I will not over-edit it now. I will never use words I define as demeaning towards people or body parts.
  • I do not judge other sites by my own parameters (except the no hate thing.)
  • My sense of humour can sometimes translate better face to face. Bear with me.
  • I am dyslexic. I’m still good with words!
  • I am a tweaker; I try not to but I sometimes tweak posts after they’re public – what can I say, I’m neurotic and perfectionist that way.
  • I am a warrior of various disabilities and chronic illnesses. My perspective is generally hopeful but always full of honesty and a determined and uncompromising stance on equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • If certain subjects are likely to trigger you, for example, politics or disability, please check the categories and tags before reading.
  • It’s OK if you don’t like every facet of what I do, neither do I. 😉
  • There is always hope in the margins!