Dream Wash Multiplex

Dreams, like water-coloured paintings, wash away when days are raining on one Mary Poppins pavement on another London street, children play sticks along the railing in grey sleet, mascara eye streak. Antonia Sara Zenkevitch first two lines prompted by Reowr again   art piece by the same name:    

The Rhythm  

  The ocean murmurs to the beach and all the grains of sand of each tide’s potent transience, listen; silt and shingle understand time tumbling through liquid hands, shipping news, travel plans, lost civilizations and then that next great, ingulfing wave expands beyond where you think it should, globes in grains, mumbles in wombs as…

40 Fragments

I cannot count them, these broken pieces of possibility.

But they haunt me, oh, days cantering by they do,

and I am whirlwind in a storm box,

Magical Spaces Created by ART

  Hello, to the 1667 (across differents social media platforms) official followers of this blog. I’d thought I’d share some art I’ve been doing for another project. If you like it why not follow the link. via Ravenclaw Art

High Street Quatern:

  I know the high street’s doing great, Why would you require our custom? Don’t try to mend that broken lift, It’s forever since it broke down. I know your workers’ jobs are safe; I know the high street’s doing great, Why would you let me look inside? Bar all ‘disabled’ doors with crates. Make…

Out of Necessity (Prompted by Cubby)

A hero is born not from the laurels Of glory but from deep necessity, Each hero’s born in the midst of quarrels But rises above them to abhor ills, A sense of justice their actions instill, There’s no label for their identity; A hero is born, not from the laurels Of glory, but from deep…

Measuring Absence; a collaborative poem, join in.

Measuring Absence How do you measure the weight of absence; the void at the gate, in ambit, to wait to become an interval or sequence, a hitch in the air to anticipate, to calculate the mass of an absence …. (What comes next? Can you fill the absence of following verses?)   I have recently…

Shit-Sock Sonnet (a political satire)

  “Roll up! Hear the latest reports from our government,” A homeless man on a park bench gleefully shouts, “Woman in wheelchair throws shit-socks at parliament!” “She said it was for the country’s good, She’d ensured the more decent MPs weren’t about, Roll up! Hear the latest reports from our government, “No one believed her;…