To Speak

I have learnt to speak;

I have learnt to speak in silence when my voice was gone,

in mimes, memes and gesticulations with one arm,

I have learnt to speak in rhythms when my limbs were


I have learnt to speak within the forms my body allows me,

I learnt to speak again,




if and when

my voice is gone

as voices one day do,

when they speak of all I’ve done

I hope they’ll say this too;

I learnt to speak.

To Remain Me

To Remain Me I paint freedom past restrictions, Admiring the contradictions My love sees creativity Within my skill to remain me, Gone are the forms I knew before, Yet I’m still a dancer at core; I dance with words now, to be free Within my skill; to remain me, He speaks of how I master…

Dear Ministers

Originally posted on The 48%:
Dear Ministers, Oh, dear ministers, Oh dear, ministers, I have listened, ministers, To the speeches you gave, I have seen you, leaders, How some choose to behave, I offer up broken couplets Too messy to make the grade, Like the Eton Mess you serve us; Dominic Raab You’ve had a fair…


    I am Echo now Yet he still does not understand   And, exhausted, I say “I know when I’m not making sense, But this is not one of those times”   And he replies, “If you know you’re not making sense Don’t be angry,”   And I say the same again, then again…

To All I was Before (poem)

  I often speak of all I was before, Those ghosts carried ever in my casement, Echoing, like the voices of the wars I traversed, yet now I feel displacement, Life in pause, forbidden summits, woods, shores, Shops, parties, pavements, Vanished continents, consonants, confidence, The family, colleagues; friends I see no more; Those ghosts carried…

The Wyverns of King’s Cross Station

Finsterhuf and Zauberdorf by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch For those who like Harry Potter, fantasy, historic fiction, steampunk journeys, escapism or a read of a good free book, I’m proud to say that I’ve unleashed my not so inner child to write The Library of Lost Wands. The first chapter, plus a lot of art work…


I write of lives in indices, Scenes sketched within margins Of halts for breath in sentences, Of freedom in parenthesis In our secret garden,   I write of lives in ink; Hers inscribed in water In quiet apocalypse Others would call order,   I write of lives, Their curve in words At boundary lines To…

Wild Forever

Wild Forever   Welcome to my wild forever Born of the forests of my mind, An acorn in every letter Of words that no one can fetter Though my body cannot get there, Bones and sinew left behind, Welcome to my wild forever, Born of the forests of my mind.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Inspiration Porn

I’m not your inspiration porn For you to sensationalize As your source of motivation For your more abled-bodied lives,   Not your inspiration Or measure of your skill, A Paralympian Nor life uncured to kill,   I’m not your porn, Objectified For you to own Or criticize,   Not your Provocation Your stimulus or spur;…

The Skaters; a zanze

Originally posted on Reowr:
When the mountains impale the sky,They rupture the veins in the cloudsAnd colors explode with a sighWhile wrapping the heaven in shrouds. When the mountains impaleThe malevolent winds,They sink fast with a wailLike a shark with no fins. When the mountainsAll roar with pride,Lava fountainsErupt inside. When theClouds start to cry,Rain…