Sustainable Ranting Credentials

Firstly, and most importantly, I believe we all have a right to rant and a responsibility to act within our capabilities towards a sustainable, more just future. In this, I am not special but I have experiences and passion worth sharing.

I grew up in the first wave of awakening to climate chaos in the 1980s and became an active member of The Woodcraft Folk from age 9 until my 20s (think hippy version of the scouts that were mixed gender from their 1960s beginnings).  I was chosen to go on a delegation/exchange with a school in Hungary when I was 11. During my 20s and early 30s I spent time volunteering in three international eco-communities, cooking, gardening, cleaning and creating a papier-mache cave with working fountain for educational environmental theatre works while having a near nervous breakdown.  I’ve also organised the end party at Ecotopia festival 2010, for 500 people from 125 countries. I’ve been involved in community gardening and have helped plant 3 community orchards, at least one of which still thrives. That one was planted by a women’s interfaith group I was facilitating.

I won a scholarship towards doing an MA in Human Security, studying sustainable enterprise as part of this, with modules in the UK and South Africa, before doing my thesis on the conflict in the middle east. I also have a level one certificate in organic horticulture. I’ve run a few workshops on how to make natural toiletries. I stood for parliament and local government in 2015 for a party which boasted an environmental and social justice driven manifesto. I got some of the best results for the party in the country, coming joint third in the constituency and collectively second at ward level. I later decided to leave the party. (Long painful story).

In 2016 my health and mobility plummeted and I became the ranty woman in her tower grumbling at each unrecycled thing and every overly filled kettle. Yes, that monster is me. Hello, you’re welcome.

Finally, I have ranters credibility because I am a) a born ranter and b) I am on a mission to green up my home and life despite health restrictions.

Basically, I believe with all my being that life matters and should be loved and protected.

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