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On Creative Identity

The Unanswerable

Sustainability Sundays


Creatively Conserving Energy

I am Zebra

Time, Light and The Artist

The Scent of a Story


still here; still hear

Art reflecting Life, Art in Conflict with Life

The Structure of Love

Hidden Light

Rainbow … are we full spectrum? 

Threadbare Art & Naked Truths

Meaning and Musicality – poetry in the everyday

Making Money – literally

When words are not enough, I write …


Against Political Nonsense

Who Are We, Really?

But are we becoming fascist?

We do not understand


Proud Geekery, Fantasy & Escapism

The Wyverns of King’s Cross Station

Magical Spaces Created by ART

Chapter of Library of Lost Wands

The Good Dalek

Rainbow Warriors & the Tardis

Sherlock: A.G.R.A and Clair De La Lune

Sherlocked: There is something about Mary

Doctor Who: Who, Doctor?