Calling All Poets, Thinkers, and Writers

Still open:

Where could we take this poem together?

Under ashen skies, unknown lullabies, 

Gentle lies. A winding route to happiness
I know you’re here,

Bounce quietly beyond the hills
And land on untrained ears,

Poets who’ve contributed so far, by order of participation, with links to their work:


Daniel Hunt 


This is my second attempt at an open-source, collaborative poem. I wanted to choose a first line that many could respond to. I hope I’ve managed. The idea is that we create a poem together with all contributors fully credited. I’ll start by offering one simple line to begin and end the creation. What happens in the middle; where we take it, is up to you.

  • each person offers 1-3 lines at any one time
  • it does not have to rhyme
  • it gives us opportunities to listen and respond to each other

I will add contributions posted in the comments onto one post with all our names credited and blog and gravatar links included. I am inspired to create open source poetry by the folks Unbolt Me and by Cubby’s poetry challenges.

Thank you to all who’ve contributed so far.


Ocean path violet







  1. Gentle lies. A winding route to happiness
    I know you’re here

    1. antoniazen says:

      Wonderful, thank-you! I love the idea of a winding route to happiness. It is very evocative and open to other’s interprepetation.

  2. denayarose says:

    I am finding it difficult to add to your thought because I don’t want to take this in the wrong direction! Here’s what comes to mind, unfiltered:
    Bounce quietly beyond the hills
    And land on untrained ears

    1. antoniazen says:

      That’s beautiful, and melts wonderfully together with what Daniel has just given us. There is the sense of a journey. (Plus, there is no wrong direction). I’m going to add it to the poem with a link to you in the credits. Thank-you!

    2. antoniazen says:

      What do you think? I believe the lines flow together nicely.

      1. denayarose says:

        I love the unintentional rhyme in our lines.

      2. antoniazen says:

        It’s amazing, isn’t it? What felt great for me is that both your ideas arrived within seconds of one another. 🙂

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