Disposed To Be


They’re kind words,

true; difficult times

never last


this news, not hers, only mine

inclined ‘til the bow;


I won’t be OK;

incurable, I’ll dazzle

like a wave, breaking.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

beach wave
Photo by George Keating on Pexels.com


With Thanks for Colleen Cheesbro’s Tanka Tuesday prompt, this week the words were trouble and game and I chose a Shadorma and a haiku. (I’ve also done a Senryu, just for some light relief, which can be seen here)




  1. Very good and the two go together well. ❤

  2. antoniazen says:

    Thank you, Colleen 🙂

  3. The breaking wave was a powerful image for me – nice job!

    1. antoniazen says:

      Thank you

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