Do Say

Do say, don’t abate,
unleash that sly stream of hate;
feign each injury
is just advise to cure me.

Do fake expertise
On every chronic dis-ease;
It’s all in our heads,
yesterday, that’s what you read.

Say we don’t look ill,
that you, alone, foot our bills
so won’t have enough
until we pull our socks up.

Misused privilege,
while disabling neighbours,
does so with a smile.

Claim right of judgement;
do, say, inflict punishment,
Say I can’t or I can;
Define us all by your plan.

Imply I’m ‘lazy’
a ‘lay-about’ or ‘crazy’,
lacking or no good,
a blight on your neighbourhood.

Let me to freak you
with this cool double freku
to say I witness
you do this to make us less.

Misused privilege,
while disabling neighbours,
does so with a smile. 

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

(Please note I’ve used British English spelling.)

The above was inspired by a prompt by Ronovan Writes in which the words ‘do’ and ‘say’ are featured in one of several forms. I chose, with thanks, to try out his own adapted form; the Freku – a form so good I doubled it. In terms of content, my inspiration comes from a great deal of personal and witnessed experience regarding the attitudes of certain types of comparatively well, able-bodied or ‘type-dominant’ people or groups to those with special access needs, chronic illnesses or differences of ability. There’s obviously a bucket load of irony in my words.

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  1. KT says:

    “Do fake expertise
On every chronic dis-ease;” Lovely again, and they have become experts in faking, haven’t they?

    1. antoniazen says:

      Some people really do. Others do, thankfully listen and wait for facts.

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