Children’s Uprising

planet earth
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“I’ve seen smarter cabinets in Ikea”

says a banner outside Westminster;

the young people are gathering

to reclaim their stolen futures,

their words, their actions: poetry,


in all the clamour, violence,

forest fires, dead crops, flood waters,

children’s actions break the silence,

it’s our global sons and daughters

who still have the bravery to make sense,


and all my words are jaded echoes and hackneyed rhymes

as I watch waves of young activists amassing like a tide,

for high above the choking fumes of conflicts’ chorus

a small voice rises with the force of a scolding sun

and, like that orb, it won’t wait patiently for us,

it heralds our children’s collective revolution,

but all my words are echoes that will fade,

listen to the rising sun before it burns

or is eclipsed by broken yesterdays.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

(written in a stream of consciousness as an introduction to the video below)




  1. KT says:

    What’s up CO? Love your state, as I’ve spent many days in it, getting high and many other novelties. Maybe I shouldn’t presume as there are other Westminster’s, but you seem like a colorful Coloradan.

    1. antoniazen says:

      I’m British, but this is global. This post is more about the video link than my poem.

      1. KT says:

        Ah, yes… the original Westminster, which is why I covered my ass. I like you Brits too. Especially that one man you produced: this item of mortality…

      2. KT says:

        It is global, but evolution is slow. So keep grindin’.

      3. antoniazen says:

        It’s children leading this wave of action, and they are not moving slow – not all movement has the luxury of time.

      4. KT says:

        I’d disagree, it does. The universe has forever. Do humans? No, but it has solutions if it takes too slow. Look at history. So, I hope you’re right and the flame is spreading. I do. I do. But, the oceans are rising too!

  2. antoniazen says:

    Jared Diamond’s ‘Collapse; how societies choose to fail or survive’ is a good if depressing read that says, more or less, a lot of what you’re saying. Recent uprisings revolve around young humans calling for action to protect their future. It is them for whom I say there is limited time. Like us they see the oceans rise. Like you I hope the flame is spreading.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Sadly time is running out and not enough are listening !

    1. antoniazen says:

      I agree, time is running out and too few are listening, but with thousands of school children striking and protesting around the world there is some hope that more of us listen and make essential changes. Whether or not our governments do or not is another question, but the more ordinary people who act in their own lives, the better.

      1. willowdot21 says:

        Yes I agree we do our best , no waste as little plastic as possible, recycling , water meter, and just trying to look after our planet …it is time for change.

      2. antoniazen says:

        Why am I not surprised? 🙂 🙂 Very much ditto, although there’re uncomfortable compromises we have to make nowadays. For example, I use more electricity than I’d like for heaters etc. After decades avoiding it, my health and mobility have dictated the need to rely on a car like most of us. The world relies on wheels to keep up with itself. Am hoping for ever better choices for us all regarding eco-design vehicles and better public transport. Getting the most eco option we can and looking at trying to generate our own energy in the near future. Although we can all only do what we’re able, if we do change does happen.

      3. willowdot21 says:

        Yes indeed if we all try to do our bit it will help. I walk as much as I can but yes the car is a life saver, as is the heating. Also I keep bashing out warning poems and stories 💜

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