Art reflecting Life, Art in Conflict with Life

A repetition in my art are words and image on glass. There is something about seeing life happen in the glass and the witness seeing themselves in the glass that appeals. In its simplest form this means there is both conflict and collaboration between daily reality and ‘art’ in the work. Art, writing does reflect and battle against our daily reality in my eyes. It celebrates and challenges what we see through the window and when we look in the mirror.

As I write in my study area, which can be a dark space, a mirror above reflects light from the glass door behind me. Written in faint silver on the mirror is a poem of mine and a favourite quote from Bertolt Brecht

“Do not fear death, fear the inadequate life’

A wine carafe I have is painted with heart and eye in blue, red and gold. There are private collections of painted mirrors and vases. I realise, as I reflect on my practice, that my preoccupation with words, with feeling (heart) in balance with insight and reason (the eye) are in play, together with an underlying belief that we co-create our realities with words, feelings and thought; that we are parts of the crafting of reality with them. Beyond this I am aware that painted works, to a large extent photographs, and work on glass are all consciously adding shadow to light. My attitude to both life and art being that the shadow is there so that we can see and that all is, ultimately, light.

The images are from an international symposium in Wiesenburg, Germany.

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    Beautiful writer xx

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