Ruach, spirit, Inter-breath of being,
I am molded word on wind,
My voice open to your decreeing,
The seed of life upon your wing,

Aish, aish, I no longer burn
For my soul is also flame
My soul, it’s time to return
To source; light; to the Name,

Mayim, you are in my flowing
Mayim in my health and sight,
I am water, reflection, knowing
My being is mirror to great light,

Sacred Ertez, I am formed of you
As Adam, Chava from Adamah,
From fertile loam, as all life, I grew,
I am elements alive with Neshamah.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch


I use the Hebrew with its rich and layered meaning and sense of oneness; a circle of life and beyond

  •  ruach means wind, breath, mind, spirit. In a living creature, ruach is breath, ruach ha-kodesh is holy spirit / sacred-divine breath
  • aish means fire and we are told of a flame of soul in each of us, that together we are light and part of one
  • mayim means water, mayim chayim the fountain head / spring / source of life. Mayim, Mayim a folk dance to celebrate finding water in the desert.
  • eretz means land / earth
  • Chava is the Hebrew name for Eve, including Chi (pronounced Hye), meaning life
  • Adamah means fertile loam / soil. Adam is made of Adamah and holy breath; ruach ha-kodesh / neshamah
  • Neshamah also means breath or soul, refersto the highest parts of our soul / being