I love the rain spiral

senses encompassing animation,

satellite clouds, and clouds

displayed in white

in grey telemetry, 

You love, the soft rain at night,

cold and warmth, tickle soft matter,

the interplay between pressure,

a means of guiding


placed in the injured part,

in this work, we fabricate one

love the just, visible,

forecast invisible intensity

from sunset to sunrise,

both play a role,

signals traveling

a spinal radar,

ignoring the pain

we love for the last hour,

signals from the skin;

low-symmetry particles 

with shapes, spirals,

spirals, spirals,

yellow altitudes,

fluid, few to overcast

blue, blue, blue

gusts are green,

you, love,

the spiral …

Clay and Sparks

Body carved of clay
Sparks within
A way through this unknowing
Luminescent maze.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Measuring Absence; a collaborative poem, join in.

Measuring Absence How do you measure the weight of absence; the void at the gate, in ambit, to wait to become an interval or sequence, a hitch in the air to anticipate, to calculate the mass of an absence …. (What comes next? Can you fill the absence of following verses?)   I have recently…

To All I was Before (poem)

  I often speak of all I was before, Those ghosts carried ever in my casement, Echoing, like the voices of the wars I traversed, yet now I feel displacement, Life in pause, forbidden summits, woods, shores, Shops, parties, pavements, Vanished continents, consonants, confidence, The family, colleagues; friends I see no more; Those ghosts carried…


I write of lives in indices, Scenes sketched within margins Of halts for breath in sentences, Of freedom in parenthesis In our secret garden,   I write of lives in ink; Hers inscribed in water In quiet apocalypse Others would call order,   I write of lives, Their curve in words At boundary lines To…

still here; still hear

Hello, I say to friends, poets, travelers and unknown warriors,

I have not posted on this site for a long while initially due to being messy-busy then due to being very unwell. I seem to have collected chronic illnesses to add to life-long and new disabilities. I’ve recently written an article in a local newspaper called Left Lion about these experiences, so instead of boring you here, I’ll let you decide if you’d like to know more by clicking the link.

For a while, I could not write or talk much, which let me tell you, refocuses you somewhat when you can. I’ve been slowly compiling my work into books. Between computer and brain crashes and bouts of bardic outbursts, this is taking time. I’m also trying my hand at fan fiction, which began as an exercise to flex my literary muscles while escaping the adult world, yet seems to be evolving. I will shortly be posting a link…


*Please note this was written when Theresa May was Home Sectretary, and I was an interfaith women’s worker fighting for the rights of women under threat of deportation at risk of their lives. So, she was not a favourite human. The below is about specific, I believe dangerous legislation she was pushing through under the…


I lost my breath, they did not care, I could not breathe, they did not care When I was twice bereft and in despair,Those I had fought for, worked for,With little payment, resource, respect,Support, against so many shades of war,Domestic violence, detention, neglect, I lost my breath, they did not care,I could not breathe, they…

Doctor Who: Who, Doctor?

It is late and I have the kind of schedule that lives me dreaming of having my own Tardis. Instead I am journeying into a library in the silence. Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of Dr Who you get ‘word’, ‘cohort’, ‘torchwood’? This is a sweet-shop for a word geek like me….

In Conversation – communication as art

Creativity inspires creativity. Last night I was chatting with an artist and friend about conversations between pieces of art and pieces of music, poetry etc. Responses create further responses, layering ideas and ways of seeing whilst also peeling back layers. This is no new thing; artist enclaves have always been en vogue and perhaps often…