Blue Eons (Anagram Verse)

blue eons observe

lone silence’s ire,

in it yells a curse

to rile oceans;

to rouse bile in us,

yet envoys arise

to yearn,

to learn

in soul’s urn

obverse to ruin;

converse orations

annul bribes;

no absolutions

in love’s alibis

yet our orisons

vault bliss; …

As the Earth does Spin

I’ll be Davening, I’ll be Dukkerin, Traveling as the Earth does spin, Sing blessings into changing winds A song never-ending, a new voice begins; I’ll be weaving my weaving ways Along the Great Spirit’s pathways, Opening with dreamer’s eyes and soul, The wheel is turning, life is whole, I own no-one, no-one owns me; Neither…


Ruach, spirit, Inter-breath of being, I am molded word on wind, My voice open to your decreeing, The seed of life upon your wing, Aish, aish, I no longer burn For my soul is also flame My soul, it’s time to return To source; light; to the Name, Mayim, you are in my flowing Mayim…