Sand Treads

Tracking the lost ones I listen to the desert where the sands tread us.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch  

Mirror (#writephoto)


berobbed weapon

scrying, warning, being

wars of crimson in reflective


We do not understand

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today there is genocide in the world. In the heart of Africa; Central African Republic, in Congo and Syria. Since the holocaust other genocides have blistered across the world. Each time a lead up of dehumanisation, brain-washing and scapegoating for economic and social ills leading to neighbour killing neighbour. In my…

In Conversation – communication as art

Creativity inspires creativity. Last night I was chatting with an artist and friend about conversations between pieces of art and pieces of music, poetry etc. Responses create further responses, layering ideas and ways of seeing whilst also peeling back layers. This is no new thing; artist enclaves have always been en vogue and perhaps often…

The Eye

Rainbow Eye by Antonia Zenkevitch The Eye The ocean is born First tear from the eye, Light born liquid To reflect itself So we may see Our envisionings Manifest within as We create ourselves One eye made of many; Light refracted, Water rippled; We diversify And our light Grows wings, Fins and tails; And words…

Art reflecting Life, Art in Conflict with Life

A repetition in my art are words and image on glass. There is something about seeing life happen in the glass and the witness seeing themselves in the glass that appeals. In its simplest form this means there is both conflict and collaboration between daily reality and ‘art’ in the work. Art, writing does reflect and battle against our…