Rainbow … are we full spectrum?

We think fire and water are at war yet we know in their balance we see that within all light is every colour. The rainbow, a promise of balance and reminder of oneness, and, at the same time, a reminder of fragmentation. I ask, is this what we are made of? In kabbalah every letter has a hue; a tonality; a vibration of the whole. The ark rises above us in the sky, half a circle, half of a promise of oneness and an invitation to hope, to become part of it.

Hippy stuff out of the way, it remains for me to say 99% of my photographs are taken by camera phone. I generally travel light, or try to, though I have a beautiful old pentax that takes film, a digital camera and the benefit of past encouragement from people with clearer eyes than mine and photographers’ souls.

This photograph was taken above my garden.

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