Hope, Recycled

        a revolution in growing, cooking, packing a packet of crisps, who’d think it; a salty snack could save the world in small ways; solutions from re-thinking how crisps were packaged, no plastic, each compostable packet eco, logical, inside, taste, all natural, renewable energy supply, well grown ingredients from one locality blended…

The Rhythm  

  The ocean murmurs to the beach and all the grains of sand of each tide’s potent transience, listen; silt and shingle understand time tumbling through liquid hands, shipping news, travel plans, lost civilizations and then that next great, ingulfing wave expands beyond where you think it should, globes in grains, mumbles in wombs as…

40 Fragments

I cannot count them, these broken pieces of possibility.

But they haunt me, oh, days cantering by they do,

and I am whirlwind in a storm box,

Breath: a poem

This is a poem I posted on a new blog I’ve set up exploring personal and environmental stories around asthma   Breath: a poem. via Breath: a poem.

Mermaid up a Mountain

  Mermaid up a Mountain: Dysfunctional polymath, renaissance woman, Mermaid walking up the great mountain, The things I was told I can’t but found I can, We learn to drink from our own fountain, I have faith and I have faith in science But don’t believe either is always objective, Humankind can twist any notion…

Love’s Dance

The shadows are singing in the flickering flame Eloquent in the silence, each spit speaks prophesy; Each eye an oracle, each breath inherent with name, We, the first light of the fire, fluid and salt of sea, Breath in doves wings, united, insight uncoils again; Formation, annihilation, the alchemy of re-generation – Unity within division,…