Love’s Dance

The shadows are singing in the flickering flame

Eloquent in the silence, each spit speaks prophesy;

Each eye an oracle, each breath inherent with name,

We, the first light of the fire, fluid and salt of sea,

Breath in doves wings, united, insight uncoils again;

Formation, annihilation, the alchemy of re-generation –

Unity within division, speaking the language of blood

As we loose the self in oneness; the vast soul’s veneration,

Fire cannot burn flame; water is not drowned by flood,

Whispered, belly truths unfurl to feathered proclamation;

Transience dances to both wails and whispers –

Prospectors discern gold is not found in a rush;

Wisdoms will find the ears of all keen listeners

Yet true secrets may emerge in light and hush.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch 2007


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