Why is it all about the ‘base’?

The following is a satirical song about what is happening in the USA. Specifically, the actions and inactions, within the GOP in response to the homegrown terror attacks. If I was American I would definately vote Democrat, but I believe that democracy takes a level of honesty from all sides. I am personally more unnerved by Republicans’ like Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Green, et al, and their continued involvement in the big lie that the fair election was somehow stolen. Many like Greene, are involved in other conspiracies and support Qanon, which was directly involved in the attack. I’m also concerned with the reluctance to act now to impeach or stand up and speak truth, more than I am unnerved by the events of the 6th of January. Instead, they attack people like Liz Chaney who I believe did the right thing in this circumstance. I believe part of the reason that the big lie was sold so easily is the level of desperation a lot of ordinary people have been feeling. But another reason the lie gained momentum was the spectre of white nationalist and white supremacist ideologies. White nationalists do not believe votes from Black, Latino and minority ethnic strong communities can be legitimate. It is racism, pure and simple, and unless both Democrats and Republicans admit and deal with that then my view of American democracy is of one that is failing to learn from one of its darkest hours.

This won’t be solved by looking away, pretending the January 6th terror event is isolated, or past and calling for unity without also calling for accountability. Amanda Gormon expressed hope for unity healing best in her inaugural poem, but as time goes on, many others calling for unity seem to really be asking for a pass; for everyone to forget without looking at the root causes, or how anyone tries to stop white supremacist and right-wing acts of terror.

Instead, all I hear from most Republicans is how to protect their voter base. That would be reasonable in situations when it wasn’t given as an answer to how to detox their party from Qanon conspiracies and extremists.

I don’t say this from a position of superiority. Biden called Boris Johnson a clone of Trump for a number of good reasons, including his racism. And it was colonial powers including Britain that exported the idea of white supremacy to the USA in the first place. But I am a concerned cousin, watching, hoping and praying for a shift in thinking within the GOP that will end the lie that lights fires.

The below fits to the tune of that Meghan Trainor song ‘All about that Bass.”


but they still talk about the Trumpist base
all ‘bout the base, not justice,
but some of that Trumpist base are fascists
it’s ’bout that base, ’bout that base, not justice
it’s all ’bout that base, ’bout that base …

(Verse 1🙂

Yeah, it’s pretty clear what they should do
but they still fake it, break it, ‘til they’re complicit too,
’cause lies made that boom boom call of seditionists
and some still carry guns in the heart of Congress,
I see Trump’s lies broadcast and spun on Fox
we know that dirt ain’t real, come on now, stop Murdoch,
if you love democracy, say that’s enough
‘cos it looks like you want to help extremists blow the whole thing up.


Didn’t your parents teach you, you should never live on lies?
You treat terror different when it’s white or from the right,
(that white hoody, uh, that white hoody)
the US constitution says ‘liberty and justice for ALL
so, racist systems must be changed before moving on;

(repeat chorus)

(Verse 2🙂

votes count when voters are black
go ahead and tell KKK throwbacks that
diverse voter turnout IS legitimate
though the loser told you
to fight to get his crown back, so you arm up and attack.

repeat pre chorus (x1)

repeat chorus (x2 or more)

The below two images are two digital collages called collectively ‘The Choice’. For those who cannot see them, the first is entiled ‘Hope and Courage’. A blue-sky vision of Congress. In the middle is then Officer Goodman protecting the capital. To one side are Biden and Harris amid senators and members from the House of Representatives, mostly a selection of some of democrats who have grabbed my attention in this story, but also Mit Romney and Liz Chaney representing the minority of leaders from the GOP who have been telling the truth about the 20/20 election results. On the other side of the central figure of Officer Goodman, a diverse and peaceful crowd wave US flags and banners saying ‘We, the people’, ‘Black Voters Matter’ and ‘Let My People Vote. Amongst this crowd we see the statue of Liberty, her torch held high, walking with her people.

The other piece, which was created first, is called ‘Hate and Carnage’. A View of the USA Capitol under a ghostly night sky. A noose hangs over congress. There is blood. In the foreground white hooded figures, stand armed over a burning copy of the US Constitution. Trump is holding the lit match. Behind him is the grand master of the KKK.

Hope and Courage (by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch


Hate and Carnage (by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch