Deeper (tanka #writephoto)

pelt in the dark stream,
its chiming distance muting
nadirs and zeniths,
I choose the bright apices
by gravities’ granite lip.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Why is it all about the ‘base’?

but they still talk about the Trumpist base
all ‘bout the base, not justice,
but some of that Trumpist base are fascists
it’s ’bout that base, ’bout that base, not justice
it’s all ’bout that base, ’bout that base …


I write of lives in indices, Scenes sketched within margins Of halts for breath in sentences, Of freedom in parenthesis In our secret garden,   I write of lives in ink; Hers inscribed in water In quiet apocalypse Others would call order,   I write of lives, Their curve in words At boundary lines To…

Remembrance: a poem by a red & white poppy wearer

If I don a red poppy it is not for one state, It is not to declare some glory in war – It’s so often started by greed, fear or hate – But I recall those perished on many a shore Due to directives of others, not due to fate, So many have died, I…

Dear Theresa

I wrote this last year when the government were talking about ‘non-violent extremism’ laws. In the recent attacks on human rights I am posting it. It is a personal response, all views my own: Dear Theresa Dear Theresa May Am I non-violently extreme Because I hate what you say And have the courage To think…


*Please note this was written when Theresa May was Home Sectretary, and I was an interfaith women’s worker fighting for the rights of women under threat of deportation at risk of their lives. So, she was not a favourite human. The below is about specific, I believe dangerous legislation she was pushing through under the…

Seed and Stone

It is the equinox of seeds and reaping Gathered apples and pumpkin gourds, All being conceived, even in our sleeping, Of honeyed hoards we taste the sweet We greet, light and dark in each greeting, Now is time of balance, equity, justice, Dwindling and abundance dance hand in hand, Now time to set right wrongs…

Songs in Strange Lands

Singing in strange lands, pulses shifting,The scent of rain, sap, skin a little different,Our tongues learn new lilting, fresh refrains, How can we sing our songs in these lands?Measures merging; paces, tastes, vibrations,Words echo divergent across mountains,Hollows, oceans, villas, high rise elevations,The reverberations change, some even forgetAnd yet, certain notes and phrases remain Outside and…


Formation: Word, number and story sculpts all form into being, So, use words wisely, use words of life, flourishing and peace Use words of truth and dignity, pace breath and silence, Know that to speak ill judgement or falsehood of another, You cast ill upon the waters both of you, and others, drink, While words…