Word, number and story sculpts all form into being,

So, use words wisely, use words of life, flourishing and peace

Use words of truth and dignity, pace breath and silence,

Know that to speak ill judgement or falsehood of another,

You cast ill upon the waters both of you, and others, drink,

While words of honest kindness can nourish a thousand souls,


Count worth greater than riches, plant seeds at the proper time,

measure harvest with thanks and equity, give in equal share,

Count every blessing, cast out every curse for they are nil,

Add to your friendships, be fruitful, subtract only with care,

Lay waste to nothing, for nothing is outside the divine,

Count enemies individually, not as peoples, lest they multiply,

Know that whatever multitudes are before you, all is One,


And the stories? The stories, tell good stories, live good stories,

Weave stories that weave brighter truth, ignite our better selves,

Recall the stories with honesty and balance, that all played their part,

That within us fought our light and shadow, that we climbed mountains

And bridged seas of understanding to find our choral voice,

Tell the stories, tell the stories, what stories will you speak to life today?

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch