Why is it all about the ‘base’?

but they still talk about the Trumpist base
all ‘bout the base, not justice,
but some of that Trumpist base are fascists
it’s ’bout that base, ’bout that base, not justice
it’s all ’bout that base, ’bout that base …

Dear Antisemite; a poem for Holocaust Memorial Day

The poem below is the first of a collection it has taken me a long time to share. I’ve not been sharing my work broadly for a while, both for health reasons and the sense of being silenced. Enough said on that one. This Holocaust Memorial Day I am sharing this. It is actually being…

Candles & Questions

One of two poems:

we lit candles after

their names and tales on our ears

flames flickering, like souls.

Inspiration Porn

I’m not your inspiration porn For you to sensationalize As your source of motivation For your more abled-bodied lives,   Not your inspiration Or measure of your skill, A Paralympian Nor life uncured to kill,   I’m not your porn, Objectified For you to own Or criticize,   Not your Provocation Your stimulus or spur;…

Women’s March

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog for various reasons. (I will leave these until other posts.) I am inspired today to share two poems and some images regarding the various marches happening to say no to hate and dare I say it stupidity playing out in politics today. I…

Break: a human story of conflict in a ‘holy land’

This poem is inspired by real stories shared by friends and their friends living through escalating conflict in a ‘Holy Land’. I have written many poems recently and over time looking at different human angles of this ongoing conflict. Break “Break his arms so he cannot leave” Pleads a wife to the father of her…