Yes And

Elementary ever,

Yes, but

Ocean ends,

Yes but

Shore ends,

“Yes but” loops,

Shells turn to sand


Shelled life seeks sand

And that song;

“All things from shells”

As another Darwin said.

Struggles With Socks

I struggle with stocks

My worry monster eats them;

Burdens played away.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Disposed To Be

  They’re kind words, true; difficult times never last forever, this news, not hers, only mine inclined ‘til the bow;   I won’t be OK; incurable, I’ll dazzle like a wave, breaking.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch   With Thanks for Colleen Cheesbro’s Tanka Tuesday prompt, this week the words were trouble and game and I chose…

To Thrive

the circus

of would-bes and was

held within

hushed chorus

spilling into each other

in needed trust, begin,

What if it did not mean dominion — Luna

This poem of mine was published on Luna’s Poetry Bar – a lovely project connecting & supporting poets from all over the place.   Those reckoning by the tide-shifter’s phase To segment eras into months, years, seasons, We weren’t to sleep the days; to say we forgot Reasons, riot, insurrections, murmurs, rumbles, Torrents volley out…

I am Zebra

There are stripes

Hidden within

My pale skin,

Zebra stripes

Where the matter of me is stretched thin

Light and dark matter between

Each cell’s loose connections,

Each day my stripes go unseen

By those whose fear casts reflections;

Projections of who they fear themselves to be

As they try to warp and bend my sense of identity,

But their fear is not me.

Children’s Uprising

“I’ve seen smarter cabinets in Ikea”

says a banner outside Westminster;

the young people are gathering

to reclaim their stolen futures,

their words, their actions: poetry,

Do Say

Do say, don’t abate,
unleash that sly stream of hate;
feign each injury
is just advise to cure me.