In this poem I follow a perverse theme of mine, trying to put into words that which cannot be fully expressed with words. This is an exploration of the Sun Salutation of Yoga, which I see as a kind of soul salutation.


Victorious breath, to release and rise

Like undulating ocean, becoming open

To inhale and exhale with open eyes –

A prayer of form that cannot be spoken –

Unfold to greet light, we are returned

Uncurling from slumbers’ shadow,

Soul salutation, our faces upturned,

Palms and heart unwrap as we flow

And let go from a point of strength;

Bow to expand, straight, strong spine

Prana streams through our full length,

We conduct ourselves, sparks in time;

Arch to light and connect with earth

Hands greet our core, sun, and our feet

Each morning a turning, a chance of rebirth

Each one of us where sky and globe meet,

Lunge low with the poise and power of horse

No being to saddle, each rider their steed

One with the force that carries our course,

Air alike breath, being one with deed,

We chargers rise to our apex as we bend;

The mount meets the mountain curve,

We shape the form of the faithful friend

To receive insight that cannot be heard

The self is the summit we each transcend,

Co-creators, we spin with eight limbs,

Divine power in our arms and heart

Give our souls’ flight their unseen wings

From the us with neither end nor start;

That exits before and past all things –

Next the cobra, uncoiled kundalini

Open throat, heart, mind and hips

Inner breath emerging, setting free

Awakened conception from our lips –

As loyal hounds we take up sentry,

Witness to a power greater than all,

We watch wide open gates of mystery,

The light, to our soul, a master’s call,

Plant palms and soles as we face down

While we rise into a doubled, zenith state

Grounded, earthly kingdom near our crown

Tails held high, beyond sense we navigate,

Fold to unbend as we daily reach our peak ,

A moment of radiance manifest, a conduit

In being and becoming what we seek,

Dancing dust an eternal eminence lit,

We reach beyond limits for our will is free,

We are part of the ripple, the mirror of one,

Swell and reflection in wordless citation

As we channel an energy greater than sun

Curve vibration alive outside earth’s rotation

In that point between stretch and surrender

Aligned and alight and directing our course

To feel strong we’re aware of feeling tender,

We alter formation as we welcome the source,

I, fierce warrior, defend my space; my ground

Focused, unafraid, whole, my self spread wide

To know the power path when intent is found

I am unlocked, balanced, alert on each side

Flexing figures into creation’s arcane key

We are the bridge; the union; the nexus

In extended triangle of what is, was, will be,

Still giving, receiving from our solar plexus

We are a temple, a chalice, a petal unfurled,

Child, parent and partner of manifestation

In the act of breathing we change the world;

A welcoming channel, at one with creation.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch