Thirsty Words

I’d lost words

But with keen intent

Regained them,

In each breath

Paroxysms of purpose

Direct gusts of wind …

In Dialogue

The following was written in response to a symposium by the same name, Yom Kippur and the examining, releasing and power of words. In Dialogue Dialogue curation; The art of conversation, Of counted words And exclamations, Of rhythms and inhalations, Of politics and poetry In gagging law and commentary Noetics interfacing fantasy In iterate sachet;…

Doctor Who: Who, Doctor?

It is late and I have the kind of schedule that lives me dreaming of having my own Tardis. Instead I am journeying into a library in the silence. Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of Dr Who you get ‘word’, ‘cohort’, ‘torchwood’? This is a sweet-shop for a word geek like me….

In Conversation – communication as art

Creativity inspires creativity. Last night I was chatting with an artist and friend about conversations between pieces of art and pieces of music, poetry etc. Responses create further responses, layering ideas and ways of seeing whilst also peeling back layers. This is no new thing; artist enclaves have always been en vogue and perhaps often…


In this poem I follow a perverse theme of mine, trying to put into words that which cannot be fully expressed with words. This is an exploration of the Sun Salutation of Yoga, which I see as a kind of soul salutation. Salutation Victorious breath, to release and rise Like undulating ocean, becoming open To…