Priti Patel tells a nearly all-white, mostly male reactionary elite what she has been taught to say and think in order to be accepted. They look at her, confused, blank round faces staring back at this Asian woman reaffirming all their cherished prejudices. She speaks of ending the free movement of people once and…

Yellow Hammer

Yellow Hammer document:
What we’ve always known,
Trucks stopped at the borders;
Absent medicine;
People losing lives or jobs
Who would be fine
With prescription drugs,

Yellow Hammer document;
What we’ve always known,
Soaring food prices –
Only so much can be grown
In time to feed us,
Who will face starvation;
When they can’t afford
To feed their children?

Yellow Hammer document;
What we’ve always known;
How many closed businesses;
How many lost homes
In broken communities
Full of lost hope?

Yellow Hammer document;
What we’ve always known;
The Leave Campaign lied to us;
No Deal leads to destruction;
Brexit was and is a farce,
We need a coded constitution
And to stop laying blame
On those who can’t be voters
Simply because they came
From other places to us,
They don’t deserve the shame
Of the Brexit circus,

Yellow Hammer document;
What we’ve always known
All those who felt voicelessness
Will feel more of the same,
Isolation, alienation
Injustice, human struggling
All the more common
When mass poverty is doubling
Amid deregulation –
Which leads only to troubling
Food contamination
And protections crumbling
For workers; for women;
For climate; for rights;
For trade; education –
All our past fights
In prorogation –
As if the picket lines
Never happened,

Yellow Hammer document;
What we’ve always known,
They’re going for it anyway –
The government alone,
Absent of morality;
Deceiving the throne,
Breaking laws;
They, the institution
The hammer; the jaws
They say they save us from.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Shit-Sock Sonnet (a political satire)

  “Roll up! Hear the latest reports from our government,” A homeless man on a park bench gleefully shouts, “Woman in wheelchair throws shit-socks at parliament!” “She said it was for the country’s good, She’d ensured the more decent MPs weren’t about, Roll up! Hear the latest reports from our government, “No one believed her;…

still here; still hear

Hello, I say to friends, poets, travelers and unknown warriors,

I have not posted on this site for a long while initially due to being messy-busy then due to being very unwell. I seem to have collected chronic illnesses to add to life-long and new disabilities. I’ve recently written an article in a local newspaper called Left Lion about these experiences, so instead of boring you here, I’ll let you decide if you’d like to know more by clicking the link.

For a while, I could not write or talk much, which let me tell you, refocuses you somewhat when you can. I’ve been slowly compiling my work into books. Between computer and brain crashes and bouts of bardic outbursts, this is taking time. I’m also trying my hand at fan fiction, which began as an exercise to flex my literary muscles while escaping the adult world, yet seems to be evolving. I will shortly be posting a link…

Remembrance: a poem by a red & white poppy wearer

If I don a red poppy it is not for one state, It is not to declare some glory in war – It’s so often started by greed, fear or hate – But I recall those perished on many a shore Due to directives of others, not due to fate, So many have died, I…

In Dialogue

The following was written in response to a symposium by the same name, Yom Kippur and the examining, releasing and power of words. In Dialogue Dialogue curation; The art of conversation, Of counted words And exclamations, Of rhythms and inhalations, Of politics and poetry In gagging law and commentary Noetics interfacing fantasy In iterate sachet;…


*Please note this was written when Theresa May was Home Sectretary, and I was an interfaith women’s worker fighting for the rights of women under threat of deportation at risk of their lives. So, she was not a favourite human. The below is about specific, I believe dangerous legislation she was pushing through under the…

So, you did not vote?

So, you did not vote? In silence you let hatred use your name, Its not my job to spell it out so you can see – All the facts clearly in the public domain, Yet fascism rises under inertia and hypocrisy, I don’t want to inject thoughts into your brain But can’t you see the…

But are we becoming fascist?

(warning: this post is political, all ponderings are personal) If Scotland does vote for independence British politics is likely to move even further to the right. Westminster Labour benches are filled with Scottish members. Labour itself is shifting to the right more in response to the pressure from the right. Scotland’s stance on immigration is less aggressive,…


What is identity?  As a poet the idea of who I am is fluid; a becoming. I am a poet and political being, creative facilitator and cat cushion. I am between able-bodied and disabled. I am born and live in a mix of cultural heritage.  Faith and science stand for me in partnership. I am…