Yellow Hammer

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Yellow Hammer document:

What we’ve always known,

Trucks stopped at the borders;

Absent medicine;

People losing lives or jobs

Who would be fine

With prescription drugs,


Yellow Hammer document;

What we’ve always known,

Soaring food prices –

Only so much can be grown

In time to feed us,

Who will face starvation;

When they can’t afford

To feed their children?


Yellow Hammer document;

What we’ve always known;

How many closed businesses;

How many lost homes

In broken communities

Full of lost hope?


Yellow Hammer document;

What we’ve always known;

The Leave Campaign lied to us;

No Deal leads to destruction;

Brexit was and is a farce,

We need a coded constitution

And to stop laying blame

On those who can’t be voters

Simply because they came

From other places to us,

They don’t deserve the shame

Of the Brexit circus,


Yellow Hammer document;

What we’ve always known

All those who felt voicelessness

Will feel more of the same,

Isolation, alienation

Injustice, human struggling

All the more common

When mass poverty is doubling

Amid deregulation –

Which leads only to troubling

Food contamination

And protections crumbling

For workers; for women;

For climate; for rights;

For trade; education –

All our past fights

In prorogation –

As if the picket lines

Never happened,


Yellow Hammer document;

What we’ve always known,

They’re going for it anyway –

The government alone,

Absent of morality;

Deceiving the throne,

Breaking laws;

They, the institution

The hammer; the jaws

They say they save us from.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch


  1. fauxcroft says:

    Very well presented and very true. Thank you for pointing these things out and for Exposing the Brexit pies.

    1. antoniazen says:

      I have a whole seperate blog on Brexit! lol

      1. fauxcroft says:

        So much to blog about, such a step into disaster. 🙂

      2. antoniazen says:


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