Forgotten Eve

Hear this modern Eve,

where the apple slices sharp

the wax drowns new wicks

swallowing the knife of words

watch a candle cut to flame,

choaked, a blessing came

with an absence of honey;

uttered without tune

where weary throats broke quavers

on past moons, hope a sliver.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Sand Treads

Tracking the lost ones I listen to the desert where the sands tread us.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch  

Cats’ Lives

She felt like a cat losing nine lives One by one slinking into night, Amid stark loss she realized She must enjoy her time While she had lives left To redefine, Savouring Breath like Wine. Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

40 Fragments

I cannot count them, these broken pieces of possibility.

But they haunt me, oh, days cantering by they do,

and I am whirlwind in a storm box,

Measuring Absence; a collaborative poem, join in.

Measuring Absence How do you measure the weight of absence; the void at the gate, in ambit, to wait to become an interval or sequence, a hitch in the air to anticipate, to calculate the mass of an absence …. (What comes next? Can you fill the absence of following verses?)   I have recently…

magnolia tree

magick tree of healing and fidelity I have nurtured you when neglected, cut away the brambles and ivy that may have strangled you in your slow growth to bloom,   invaders have cut away your budding, cut the years of life I nurtured poisoned the life around you and tied your fragile, worried stalk to…