Time Coats

February snow,

Crocuses and I make bold;

Time wears many coats

Of blossom, rays, rain, and ice,

Thus, my words will don them too.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

The Scent of a Story

I’ve always found one of the best environments for telling stories is around a campfire. For me it is more than the images in the flickering flame; it’s the smell of woodsmoke and that hiss of resistance before the crackle as the fire leaps. Above us is the sight of stars, around us is the…

To Speak

I have learnt to speak;

I have learnt to speak in silence when my voice was gone,

in mimes, memes and gesticulations with one arm,

I have learnt to speak in rhythms when my limbs were


I have learnt to speak within the forms my body allows me,

I learnt to speak again,




if and when

my voice is gone

as voices one day do,

when they speak of all I’ve done

I hope they’ll say this too;

I learnt to speak.

To Remain Me

To Remain Me I paint freedom past restrictions, Admiring the contradictions My love sees creativity Within my skill to remain me, Gone are the forms I knew before, Yet I’m still a dancer at core; I dance with words now, to be free Within my skill; to remain me, He speaks of how I master…

Wild Forever

Wild Forever   Welcome to my wild forever Born of the forests of my mind, An acorn in every letter Of words that no one can fetter Though my body cannot get there, Bones and sinew left behind, Welcome to my wild forever, Born of the forests of my mind.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Creative Space

In our ‘creative space’, the world expands – We examine, we see, today in our hands How we learn; what we want this place to be,     Inside out, outside in, a space as we make it Is not what we’re told it should have been. Each space is made of much, much more…