Creative Space

In our ‘creative space’, the world expands –

We examine, we see, today in our hands

How we learn; what we want this place to be,



Inside out, outside in, a space as we make it

Is not what we’re told it should have been.

Each space is made of much, much more

Than four walls, a ceiling, and one door

And the space we take up on the floor.



Safe space needs us all to make it whole –

No scores kept, we work towards one goal.

In this space we choose not to confine

Ourselves to learning only line by line,



To a world laid out in black and white,

But one with lots of ways of being right –

We find out, discover; no need to define,

Communicate, creating; swelling our sight,

We’ll find all we need; we’ll take the time

We use many tools, from drumbeats to light.



We know there are no failures, few wrongs,

Let’s explore; own this, and let us all belong –

Let us do something different, Let us all fit

Off the page, we write it – so we’re all part of it.



Why should learning not be fun? Why should it ever be a bore?

Let’s find ways we like to use our minds so we can get out more.



Antonia Sara Zenkevitch