Courageous Dance

Courageous dance, to enter
To awaken in the wake,
Light of her in him and he in her
Shed our casings like the snake
To know body as a sacred space
Removing layers we are clothed within,
Eye to eye, lips to lips, face to face
Curved new membrane, skin on skin
Sensing risk, trust, freedom, grace,
Travellers of soulful knowing
Come into untameable place
Witnessing each other’s growing
Spirit calls us to live, to unfold
As land accepts the river flowing;
To nurture and caress , not hold
To be conscious within sensation,
And swim in the waters of another
Breathe into internal navigation,
Centeredness of self in wilderlands
Exploring textures of our being,
Intimacy in the feel of hands
To nourish our ways of seeing,
Incandescing not possessing
For who can imprison a flame,
Camouflages we’re undressing
In a dance that needs no name.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch