A Woman Worth Loving

A beautiful poem on Women’s Day, written by a very wise woman. Proud to share this as part of #FreeFormFriday:


Antonia’s Freeform Friday Prompt – March 8, 2019

This week you can either chose from the previous words: gritty, blue, calm

or soft, rain, spirals (any two or all three words anywhere in the text)

Rain Photography 6

Soft, loving spirals of rain

calm her soul’s gritty, blue pain

cleansing and healing

the bleeding cuts within

rain providing the freedom

to cry her soul’s tears

that no other may see her fears

and know her ache for a true love to behold

able to admire her entire being

cherishing her sensuality

instead of degrading her beauty

so her heart can dance to the rhythm

of her arched back that says…

I am a woman worth loving.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  LoudMeYell 

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