Freeform Fridays Prompt

Free Form Fridays

I am trying ‘Freeform Fridays one more time to see if it takes root. The rules are simple but I’ve included lots of ideas. If you’re interested, submit your work by pingback or in the comment section below. No judgments, just sharing and exploration with a weekly roundup.

This week you can either chose from the previous words: gritty, blue, calm

or soft, rain, spirals (any two or all three words anywhere in the text)

Why not try mixing forms to find new shapes, or working with a scent or found text? We can explore and create new shapes to our words.

Happy creating, Antonia.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Hello poets, writers, artists, and other thinkers,

Welcome to the first #FreeformFriday Prompt! This is not meant to compete with the other prompt, simply to add another angle.

The prompt words this week are: GRITTY, CALM, BLUE (you can choose any 2 or 3)

Set your words free Friday could be an alternative name for this challenge. Every artistic form, new and old, was born of experimentation. Creative exploration is valuable and can even birth new artistic movements. Whilst I will always love using forms from Haiku to Sonnets, Nonets to Zanzes and I’m inspired daily by poets who focus on and teach such beautiful traditions with amazing results, it can be equally rewarding to find new rhythms and modes of expression. This is where we explore the art of freeform, and combined forms, dancing words to different rhythms to see what we discover. Friday feels like a good day to…

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    1. antoniazen says:

      Hi Suzanne, thanks for the pingback! The link appears to be broken though and I can’t find a corresponding post on your site. Would you mind re-pinging it? Thanks 🙂

  1. ASIDE

    A car, but calm
    as the noise carries it away
    Dampened and decorated
    By participating rain

    A world made soft;
    the seasonal response.
    Temporal spirals:
    a dance.
    Cold, with light

    1. antoniazen says:

      I love the this; particularly the phrase ‘participating rain’. Thank-you for contributing your work!

  2. Thanks Antonia for the lovely word prompts! ❤
    A Woman Worth Loving –

    1. antoniazen says:

      Thank you for your lovely, timely poem this Women’s Day. A beautiful use of the words and freedom of form.

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