Lies in Old Westminster

I finally manage to reblog this post after various grapples with WP. Hope someone likes it after all that. 🙂

The 48%

The fault lies in old Westminster;

more corroded cogs kaput

as tarnished chains sever

each link they constitute,

The fault, lies in

Plain blinkered sight;

acrid smoke screens

our house alight,

The fault

a caldera;

lava churns our vaults;

The fault? Lies in old Westminster.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

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  1. I do like.
    I visited old Westminster, just after the big
    exit vote, as they started to encase Big Ben
    in a cast of Iron … soon to be silenced.

  2. antoniazen says:

    Thanks, David. Yes, the symmetry of those two events is breathtaking, isn’t it? How loudly silence speaks. Being in Britain now is like living back to back episodes of some wildly outlandish political sitcom and some of the darker chapters of human history at the same time. I’ve found myself writing about Big Ben on several occasions since. The recent protests by children were also ticking away in my mind.

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