She’ma (personal reflection)

She’ma Yisrael Reflections

She’ma Yisreal; listen, experience, be aware

Those who make angels’ struggle theirs;

Act, exiled, we remain allied in loving care,

Witness, those who struggle with angels;

Sense a higher love, for within it God calls,

Hear these words, survivors’ descendants

We are the weaving, not torn remnants;

Straight from the source; the well-spring

Pray! We are promise encased in skin,

Be still to feel the covenant move within,

Inhale, without divine breath we’re dust

Vibrate this truth, as we learn to trust:

YHWH Eloheinu, YHWH Echad,

Unity is divine, in exile remain glad

The divine is one; ineffable oneness

Let no one; no soul feel they are less,

One breath, one word, Yah and Weh,

Action and reflection, we an interplay;

We generate as we exhale the inhalation,

To share breath bequeathed to all creation

Everything from the quintessence,

Unutterable, eternal omnipresence,

To whom souls are brided; we a blessed essence,

We a part of the eternal, divine romance,

The breath is the music to which we dance,

Return within these words of manifestation,

We children were made partners in creation,

Respond to your oneness with the deity,

Help all live with compassion and dignity,

Ain Soph Or, clear eyes help us each see

We were forged human to learn humanity,

Yoked to the oneness, our wills given free,

Outside, nothing has the power to be,

Praise the Almighty, for mighty is the All

Inside these words, hear the call!

Ba-ruch sheim k’vod mal-chu-to l’o-lam va-ed;

A wisdom so deep it must be whispered, not said;

Blessed be the name, splendour of the eternal sphere,

Seek the divine; the fountainhead of every light is near –

Praise the absolute, complete sovereignty beyond forever,

The foundation, the glory who weaves all beings together,

Outside the One is nothing,

We the kingdom of the king.

V’a-hav-ta eit A-do-nai E-lo-he-cha

Align your will for you shall Love the Almighty Oneness with all your heart, with all your soul and with every bit of your strength. You shall inscribe these words across your heart as I that is, was and shall be commands your soul at this time, this day, this hour, now! You shall educate your children with care, with every tonality of these words, you shall confer and consider these words while you are in your home and upon your travels, when you lie down beneath night-sky and when you rise up with the rising light. You shall bind these words in symbol to your arm (in actions) and they shall be a reminder to your eyes / guide to your vision. You shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home and upon your gateways, (all your entrances and exits).

If you hearken to the Divine One this day; follow the decree to love and serve the Oneness; our source with all your heart and soul, align your will and act in accordance with the active principle of the sacred wellspring, the unity will provide rain for your land at the proper time, the spring rain and the winter rain, and you will gather your grain, your wine and your oil.  The great ‘I’; the eternal becoming will provide pasture for your cattle and you shall eat and not be hungry. Beware lest you venerate fragmentation and only fragmented misrepresentations of the divine source,  and turn away from the oneness and lie down in estrangement.  Your acts will ignite the fury of the Almighty; the fountainhead will be heated and the skies will close, no rains will come, the earth will be barren to you, and you will perish quickly upon the land that was given to you fertile. So inscribe the ways of oneness upon your heart and upon your soul, enjoin these words to the ways of your hand, and they shall be an ornament between your eyes; your better sight. You will teach these ways of oneness to your children; to speak this truth in your dwelling place and upon your paths, when you rest and slumber and when you wake and rise up!  Write these words; the way, upon the doorposts of your home and all gateways and entrances and exists. Do this so that your days may multiply and your descendants thrive on the sacred land gifted by The Sacred One to your ancestors.

God is my sanctuary, the only reason I can see

The yoke of my soul that makes me free.