Ghosts Rising

Ghosts are rising this Halloween;

Unrestful wraiths mourn us,

The veil is getting thin between

These whiles and the bygone,

Souls speak on the squall,

Hearts become funeral drums;

Ghosts are rising this Halloween,

The fallen of past conflicts warn

Of further turbulence to come,

The Slide

Bone weary; this drama has me soul fatigued; diversions perform faux democracy; facts erased; side-lined.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch   a shadorma in grateful response to Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge words to find synonyms for: ‘hobby’ and ‘play’ (alternative text for below photo: an ambiguous graduated grey – a wall or misty window no one…

Sand Treads

Tracking the lost ones I listen to the desert where the sands tread us.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch  

Wild Forever

Wild Forever   Welcome to my wild forever Born of the forests of my mind, An acorn in every letter Of words that no one can fetter Though my body cannot get there, Bones and sinew left behind, Welcome to my wild forever, Born of the forests of my mind.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Break: a human story of conflict in a ‘holy land’

This poem is inspired by real stories shared by friends and their friends living through escalating conflict in a ‘Holy Land’. I have written many poems recently and over time looking at different human angles of this ongoing conflict. Break “Break his arms so he cannot leave” Pleads a wife to the father of her…

Wearing Wings

Last month we went to the funeral of a very lovely 41year old woman, my husband’s cousin. We were asked to come in bright colours and bring photographs. We had few photos boxed after a recent move so I wrote photographs in words. The poem above links to those that came to celebrate a life…


These are poems for a time of apples and honey; a time of new beginnings where fruitfulness comes to trees of every age. The sweetest fruit often falls from the oldest trees. This is a time, when according to at least one ancient calendar, we celebrate the birth of humanity and of ourselves. It, for…


Begot of smokeless flame Jinn Dhara, bringing me a shadow of desire, Jinn Dhara you come to all who call your name Jinn Dhara, and then burn them with your fire But I have solomon’s hand Jinn Dhara the curve of wisdom in my palm Jinn Dhara I name my body of love’s land Jinn…

She who dwells within

She Who Dwells Within Though he slays me, yet i rest my trust in him Though she slays me, she is the light that dwells within, Giving and receiving hand, YHWH echad; united, Elohim, Alight in heart and ancient land, outside the One is nothing, Though she slays me, yet i and all life are…

She’ma (personal reflection)

She’ma Yisrael Reflections She’ma Yisreal; listen, experience, be aware Those who make angels’ struggle theirs; Act, exiled, we remain allied in loving care, Witness, those who struggle with angels; Sense a higher love, for within it God calls, Hear these words, survivors’ descendants We are the weaving, not torn remnants; Straight from the source; the…