Shanah Tovah Poems

Shanah Tovah

God is the void and the manifestation,

Here we must herald the gift of our birth,

Divine the thought and voice of creation,

We, crafted of holy breath and the earth

The Becoming requires our proclamation –

We form the realm of the great sovereignty;

The ineffable oneness independent of time,

Revere Source with words sweet as honey,

Lives interconnected like fruit of the vine,

Nothing and everything inside Almighty –

Not even naught is outside the divine,

We, light and shadow, fruit from the tree,

Past waiting, reflect our souls are a sign,

If feeling renewal an impossibility;

That our past means we can never shine

Recall a hand daily lifts the flight of bee,

Majesty; a power beyond yours and mine

Though evidence suggests a bee too heavy

For her wings to cast her out upon the air

To pollinate the foundations of a kingdom

Enwrapped entirely in omniscient care,

So let the water cleanse out hurt once done –

The word behind the waves is always there

To heal the pain and cast away the wrong,

Write me into the chronicle of the living

Teach my heart and soul a brighter song,

To know what I need and what I am giving,

To the sovereign of life I know I belong,

The shofar teaches us once more to pray,

Open, we become one with its vibration,

Tonalities witnessed we awaken this day,

God is the void and the manifestation,

Souls awake to creation on Rosh Hashanah,

Harvest apples as our divine harvests hearts

It is the point of creation of our Neshamah;

When at earth’s  harvest our new year starts,

Rooted in the light of one

A life renewed, a life begun.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch


Hear Now

Hear now a ram’s horn call at Mount Sinai

When a tribe of bonded souls made free

Heard the voice of divine oneness on high

And received the promise of a destiny

Bend each sword into a ploughshare,

Bend into trumpet, harp and violin

Our prayer becomes music in air,

To feel our true peace move within,

Can you hear? Our souls were there

Knowing the flame encased in skin

Illuminated by the eternal flare,

We are kingdom, one another’s kin,

We each return to at-one-ment,

We are all just dust and love

Crafted from the covenant –

Ruach Hakodesh, wings of dove –

Kumu kumu l’avodas haBoray

Begin now, creation is humming,

Eyes are for witnessing this day;

We are part of the becoming,

In love we are made manifest

Through the almighty sovereign

To which our deepest souls attest

No more dissonance and oblivion,

Without the one there’s nil I own,

I am opening, ready to live again,

Oneness is in all, I am not alone.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch