Forgotten Eve

Hear this modern Eve,

where the apple slices sharp

the wax drowns new wicks

swallowing the knife of words

watch a candle cut to flame,

choaked, a blessing came

with an absence of honey;

uttered without tune

where weary throats broke quavers

on past moons, hope a sliver.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Seed and Stone

It is the equinox of seeds and reaping Gathered apples and pumpkin gourds, All being conceived, even in our sleeping, Of honeyed hoards we taste the sweet We greet, light and dark in each greeting, Now is time of balance, equity, justice, Dwindling and abundance dance hand in hand, Now time to set right wrongs…

Shanah Tovah Poems

Shanah Tovah God is the void and the manifestation, Here we must herald the gift of our birth, Divine the thought and voice of creation, We, crafted of holy breath and the earth The Becoming requires our proclamation – We form the realm of the great sovereignty; The ineffable oneness independent of time, Revere Source…