To Sweeten Bitter

Pain tasted bitter,

So, breath’s blades and sugar-canes

Spun honeyed braids of auric air.

To Remain Me

To Remain Me I paint freedom past restrictions, Admiring the contradictions My love sees creativity Within my skill to remain me, Gone are the forms I knew before, Yet I’m still a dancer at core; I dance with words now, to be free Within my skill; to remain me, He speaks of how I master…

To All I was Before (poem)

  I often speak of all I was before, Those ghosts carried ever in my casement, Echoing, like the voices of the wars I traversed, yet now I feel displacement, Life in pause, forbidden summits, woods, shores, Shops, parties, pavements, Vanished continents, consonants, confidence, The family, colleagues; friends I see no more; Those ghosts carried…

Mermaid up a Mountain

  Mermaid up a Mountain: Dysfunctional polymath, renaissance woman, Mermaid walking up the great mountain, The things I was told I can’t but found I can, We learn to drink from our own fountain, I have faith and I have faith in science But don’t believe either is always objective, Humankind can twist any notion…