Ghosts Rising

Ghosts are rising this Halloween;

Unrestful wraiths mourn us,

The veil is getting thin between

These whiles and the bygone,

Souls speak on the squall,

Hearts become funeral drums;

Ghosts are rising this Halloween,

The fallen of past conflicts warn

Of further turbulence to come,


mind cataloging the shifting circumference

and significance

as sentiments deposit sediment

and their sands stretch wide and far,

and it feels i hear every footfall

until all i can hear is thunder

and still air …

The Century Stone

I have stood guardian
Through trials untold
In each frozen season,

Seen empires built and burned,
To those who sought on lonely roads
I have stood guardian,

Time, Light and The Artist

…Time is our collaborator and our adversary as artists. Authors bend the passage of time in story arcs, suspense, and romantic timing. Comedians craft the pace of words and motion into jokes. Cinematographers and film directors focus our perceptions with the length of each shot, our mind lingering where the camera points. Painters decide where shadows fall. All art has its own relationship with the ticking clock and the Earth’s rotation around the sun….

Time Coats

February snow,

Crocuses and I make bold;

Time wears many coats

Of blossom, rays, rain, and ice,

Thus, my words will don them too.


Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

The Rhythm  

  The ocean murmurs to the beach and all the grains of sand of each tide’s potent transience, listen; silt and shingle understand time tumbling through liquid hands, shipping news, travel plans, lost civilizations and then that next great, ingulfing wave expands beyond where you think it should, globes in grains, mumbles in wombs as…

The Good Dalek; human or robot?

There are parallel possibilities. Either, despite inspiration from all of space and time, we are seeing recycled Doctor Who stories and relationships, or it is a purposeful weaving of themes that will bear fruit in good ‘timey-wimey’. Another option is that, even if it is recycled, lazy or forgetful writing, the fan base will weave…

Rainbow Warriors and the Tardis

I enjoyed the first episode’s introduction to the dark, humorous, twisty twelfth Doctor. Beyond the story well told with satisfactory quips and quirks, relationships and potential story arcs were set up. I look forward to watching these develop and even more to exploring my inner geek in predicting them. I found the second of this…