The below was written in a stream of conscious, as part of Linda G. Hill’s SoCS prompt. 

The waters are critically high and overseas semi-arid lands become ever-more dry. Critically, promises were broken, made and then broken, again and again, and again. Critically, the West has outsourced the worst of its pollution and, critically, I know why …

To Thrive

the circus

of would-bes and was

held within

hushed chorus

spilling into each other

in needed trust, begin,

She’ma (personal reflection)

She’ma Yisrael Reflections She’ma Yisreal; listen, experience, be aware Those who make angels’ struggle theirs; Act, exiled, we remain allied in loving care, Witness, those who struggle with angels; Sense a higher love, for within it God calls, Hear these words, survivors’ descendants We are the weaving, not torn remnants; Straight from the source; the…