The Trees’ Prayer

beneath the trees we scatter stones, crystals sprinkled, quartz, adventurine, jasper, shining on whiteout pavements, hematite and sea stone offered, we’re gifted branches by the Rowan that once gave us an indoor sukkah while I was bedbound in our home, one loosed branch will be my pointer in the time yet to be spun, I’ll…

Thirsty Words

I’d lost words

But with keen intent

Regained them,

In each breath

Paroxysms of purpose

Direct gusts of wind …

The Book of Living

Andorra, gateway to hidden paths, Antonia Zenkevitch 2008 The Book of Living Inky shadows painted on light so we can see, From close to opening, a world as we perceive – Become ourselves for the Becoming to be, Core reacquainted on the rock to which we cleave Returning to renew; to be at-one and still…