I love the rain spiral

senses encompassing animation,

satellite clouds, and clouds

displayed in white

in grey telemetry, 

You love, the soft rain at night,

cold and warmth, tickle soft matter,

the interplay between pressure,

a means of guiding


placed in the injured part,

in this work, we fabricate one

love the just, visible,

forecast invisible intensity

from sunset to sunrise,

both play a role,

signals traveling

a spinal radar,

ignoring the pain

we love for the last hour,

signals from the skin;

low-symmetry particles 

with shapes, spirals,

spirals, spirals,

yellow altitudes,

fluid, few to overcast

blue, blue, blue

gusts are green,

you, love,

the spiral …

Start Inside


a gift or a crime?

Lonely hearts

loathe this time

yet it reminds all to strive

to love, start inside.

Laughing the Stars

  Laughing the Stars   You laughed the stars Into the sky And, though clouds cover them In this moment of despair With those unquestioned whys In your bright eyes, I know your heaven’s there In the bright spheres of life, So, while we wait For the atmosphere to clear Let me just state For…

Broken Sancturay

A return to some of my own verse. Please respect my copyright: Broken Sanctuary Broken sanctuary Jerusalem to Salem, Seats of a Sovereign She, Axis of the sacred sphere Salem; a place of safety, Broken by the men of fear, Sister did we think us free? What malice lead us here To exile we did…

The Structure of Love

C43H66N12O12S2 , a chemical formula for world healing? You may ask what a chemical formula is doing in a poetry blog? ‘Poem’ comes from the Latin poma, from Greek poima meaning to create. Poetry requires the use of a language in composition to display emotion. The above is a language that conveys love but cannot be love itself. I call…

What is Art?

What is art, what is love but a prayer? Devotion in creation and acts of care, Our art whispers back to us As we like waters to the oneness Murmur: I am your voice, a reflection, I am your vision, your own conception; I forge alchemy in my daily growing, I am your return to…

Courageous Dance

Courageous dance, to enter To awaken in the wake, Light of her in him and he in her Shed our casings like the snake To know body as a sacred space Removing layers we are clothed within, Eye to eye, lips to lips, face to face Curved new membrane, skin on skin Sensing risk, trust,…


Swan   water bird, dweller of scared pools of thought and voice none but fish see the struggle behind your gliding grace In flight your legs restless to wrestle with the waves,   must all swan song be just before death? you, who see beyond all our veils teach me your sight and eloquance may…


  Abandoned moments do not last In the magma of a churning past We are suspended gold dust Affection ignites love from lust, It is only when i feel like treasure That I explode with total pleasure.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch