Blue Eons (Anagram Verse)

blue eons observe

lone silence’s ire,

in it yells a curse

to rile oceans;

to rouse bile in us,

yet envoys arise

to yearn,

to learn

in soul’s urn

obverse to ruin;

converse orations

annul bribes;

no absolutions

in love’s alibis

yet our orisons

vault bliss; …

One Haiku of Sky & Water

  gateways of water no human knows their locks; lochs, clouds, creviced realms.   Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

Songs in Strange Lands

Singing in strange lands, pulses shifting,The scent of rain, sap, skin a little different,Our tongues learn new lilting, fresh refrains, How can we sing our songs in these lands?Measures merging; paces, tastes, vibrations,Words echo divergent across mountains,Hollows, oceans, villas, high rise elevations,The reverberations change, some even forgetAnd yet, certain notes and phrases remain Outside and…