The Bend

…life; potential; vitality,
such strength for the able-bodied,
I choose a bolder path you see,
or perhaps ‘choice’ was eroded
by kinks in my neurology
and the way my cells encoded
in ‘abnormal’ biology; …


cardiology; ‘an abnormality of the functioning of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system,’ another one; a condition common with my co-morbidities, nothing I’d not guessed we already do much of what they say I should, I laugh during the tests; “Don’t get up too fast,” he says smiling knowingly – as if I could, and we…

Diagnosis 07/02/19

(*this post is about living the diagnostic process of a serious chronic illness and may contain triggers)   They have to rule out worse alternatives But it’s almost definite, As geneticists speak of neurologists Physiotherapists, cardiologists And, if they deign to see me, Rheumatologists, There’s a remote possibility Of the one specialist Rehabilitation place in…