five philosophical statements by Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

My work, published in the brilliant online journal, Proletaria today. 5 one-line poems / philosophical statements on the theme of words.


(a quintuplet on the creative – and destructive – power of words)

Word; one breath on four winds, forever.

Hope, forever written in the margins.

Like these words, you are curved prana.

Shackles are forged where-ever lies govern.

Words, unlike feet, can take us anywhere.


Hi, I’m Antonia; story-weaver, artist and born ranter with a multi-arts history. I’ve also worked in politics,  peace, and human development projects and various fill-in jobs. I’m an involuntary warrior of multiple disabilities and chronic illnesses, which I try to battle with honesty and humour. I love the sea and wild places. Like almost all Brits, I drink endless cups of tea. I live with my favourite human and three demanding fur-balls. My main site is

Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova on Unsplash

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