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Below is the wonderful round-up of last week’s #FreeFormFriday prompt, exploring the art of free form and combined form. Many thanks to contributors. Apologies for being slightly delayed today, life overtook events. From now on I’ll be running this fortnightly. If you would like to join in I’d love to hear from you. Just write your masterpiece and give me a pingback or post it in the comments.

The words for this fortnight are: LOVE, PAINT, AIR, OFFERINGS (use any two or three)

Last week’s diverse offerings are below. Why not click the links to see some other work by these creatives? Enjoy:


A car, but calm
as the noise carries it away
Dampened and decorated
By participating rain

A world made soft;
the seasonal response.
Temporal spirals:
a dance.
Cold, with light

Daniel Hunt


Soft, loving spirals of rain

calm her soul’s gritty, blue pain

cleansing and healing

the bleeding cuts within

rain providing the freedom

to cry her soul’s tears

that no other may see her fears

and know her ache for a true love to behold

able to admire her entire being

cherishing her sensuality

instead of degrading her beauty

so her heart can dance to the rhythm

of her arched back that says…

I am a woman worth loving.

Deborah: A Wise Woman’s Journey


I love the rain spiral

senses encompassing animation,

satellite clouds, and clouds

displayed in white

in grey telemetry,

You love, the soft rain at night,

cold and warmth, tickle soft matter,

the interplay between pressure,

a means of guiding


placed in the injured part,

in this work, we fabricate one

love the just, visible,

forecast invisible intensity

from sunset to sunrise,

both play a role,

signals traveling

a spinal radar,

ignoring the pain

we love for the last hour,

signals from the skin;

low-symmetry particles

with shapes, spirals,

spirals, spirals,

yellow altitudes,

fluid, few to overcast

blue, blue, blue

gusts are green,

you, love,

the spiral,

shaped particles can surface it;

loves’ tangential boundary

touches chiral configurations,

heads point in the same direction,

both singular

they love the colloidal process,

our findings forget everyone

but love’s ice, and heat

breaking elastic distortions

as soft rain spirals.

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

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