Get on with what?

The 48%

“Get on with it!” say Brexiteers,
That phrase, gravel in my ears,
As one more factory shuts up shop 
A few more thousand lose their jobs 
Amid the lies that they would prosper
If immigration disappears, 
The truth is there, but they don’t hear 
As we tie ourselves up in knots 
“Get on with it!” 
They say; our nation’s auctioneers, 
But the way ahead is not clear
Except that we'll all be worse off 
And more of us won’t have enough; Revisiting depression years,  Get on with it? “Get on with it!” the endless round, As government debates confound Both the best and the worst of us  On every side of this circus, As leaders’ arrogance astounds, Our creaking democracy found  Cold, abused, hungry, gagged and bound, The response offered by leavers: “Get on with it”  The majority lost not found In archaic schemes, rules for clowns  That…

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